21 Feb 2010

Anthem Blue Cross rate hikes

21 Feb 2010

Even if you are not an Anthem Blue Cross subscriber, it would be hard not to have heard about the recently announced rate hike for many California subscribers.  If not, you can read about it here (LA Times, 2/14), here (SF Chronicle, 2/14), and here (NY Times, 2/16).

For additional perspective, here is the full letter of explanation written by Brian Sassi of Anthem Blue Cross in response to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s inquiry into the rate increases.

A couple of key points, without getting into the meat of the debate:

  • The rate increases are affecting Anthem Blue Cross individual subscribers, not small business subscribers
  • Anthem has delayed the increases for two months (to May 1) while the issue is investigated

We understand that a number of our individual clients may be experiencing an increase in rates — and not necessarily just from Anthem.  Please remember that we are always here to assist you.  Contact our office via email or call (888) 992-2244 to schedule an an appointment to discuss whether a different plan or a different carrier is the right choice for you.

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