18 Jan 2012

How to appeal a denied health insurance application

18 Jan 2012

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This month: Denied health insurance applications

If you’re application for health insurance coverage is denied, it is usually in your best interest to file an appeal. The US Government Accountability Office reports that “in some cases, health insurers reverse their decisions up to 50 percent of the time.” So don’t wait, gather all related paperwork, a pen, some paper and get ready to dial.

How To Appeal?

  • Prepare ahead of time — consult a health insurance broker before you apply.  A good broker will guide you through the application and then be available to help in the event you are initially declined for coverage.
  • Call the health insurance customer service line. In some cases this may be your only call.
  • If not, you will need to file a written appeal. A good broker will be able to help you with the appeal letter. A letter from your physician can also be helpful in an appeal.
  • File a complaint with the California Department of Insurance.

Filing an appeal can be a lengthy process, so patience and persistence are paramount. We invite you to give us a call or send us an email if you need further guidance.

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