26 Jan 2012

Practice good health and pay less for healthcare

26 Jan 2012

Getting and staying in shape can be difficult, but what if you had an additional incentive to motivate you to stay on the healthy straight and narrow.

Columnist Beth Kassab writes in the Orlando Sentinel “Why should a person who eats right, exercises, doesn’t smoke and rarely visits the doctor pay as much as a person who has a two-pack-a-day habit, has Type 2 diabetes and is constantly seeing a doctor?” As a solution to this problem, she explains, ”Employers are trying to lower their soaring health-care costs, and wellness is the industry’s favorite new antidote.” Kassab predicts, “more and more companies are laying the groundwork to eventually charge people who are fit and healthy less for health insurance than those who are obese or have unhealthy blood pressure.”

As with any cost saving method, there a pros and cons, factors that are best determined on an individual basis. Some of us will love the added bonus of staying fit and trim, while others will be further alienated. We invite you to share your thoughts: would a financial incentive motivate you to change your personal approach to healthcare?

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