01 Mar 2012

WellPoint to stop covering Lipitor

01 Mar 2012

WellPoint, one of the largest managed-care firms in the U.S., and which includes Anthem Blue Cross of California, plans to stop covering Lipitor beginning April 1, 2012.

They hope to motivate members to take lower priced generics instead of paying higher amounts for the brand name Lipitor. The change affects all but two of the states that WellPoint serves, California and New York. Members in these states will still have Lipitor as an option, but will be required to try lower-priced generics first.

Generic drugs have increasingly become commonplace in the face of rising brand name prices.  As long as they are safe and equally effective, why not pay a lower price?  Consult with your doctor to discuss Lipitor alternatives, and feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding how this change affects you.

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