02 Apr 2012

How to Save Money on Health Care

02 Apr 2012

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This month: Looking Beyond Premiums

Health care affordability is something we’ve talked a lot about on this blog. On one end of the spectrum, we have the price of premiums, which is what most of us focus on when shopping for plans. But what about other health related costs such as medications, office visits, and lab fees? The Wall Street Journal does a great job of bringing these other infrequent, yet substantial health related costs to the table.

The Journal offers seven great tips to help you save money on healthcare as a whole:

  • Understand New Legislation
  • Use Preventive Services
  • Get Consumer Assistance
  • Look for Cheaper Drugs
  • Be Smart About High Deductible Plans
  • Stay in Network
  • Challenge Doctors and Insurers

Efforts are continually being made to make healthcare more accessible, and coverage affordability seems destined to remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. But whatever your situation is in the meantime, ways to save money are always beneficial. Check out WSJ’s informative article and start putting some of these strategies in play, wherever applicable.

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  1. Bradley April 2nd, 2012 5:52PM

    Here’s another great tip — look up which urgent care center(s) is closest to your home and office. Write down the hours and contact information and keep it in your wallet, smartphone, and/or glove compartment. Next time you have an injury / illness that can’t wait, but doesn’t require an ER, save yourself a whole lot of time and money with urgent care. Concentra (Connecticut @ 16th St) is nearby and in-network for many insurers.