07 May 2012

Hear No Evil

07 May 2012

Everyone knows that as we get older our capacity to experience our senses decrease. Though this knowledge sometimes gives me pause,  continual advances in technology cheer me right back up. I have dreams of my friends and I relaxing somewhere sunny with e-readers, wearing colored tri-focal contact lenses, and cordless, skin-tone matching hearing aids.

My only concern, and it’s a real one, is what would happen if technological advancements out-paced my income growth. What would I do if I couldn’t afford to experience one of my senses? A little peace and quiet is one thing. But absolute silence would be no fun at all. Many people were faced this very dilemma a few years ago when hearing aids, which cost a few thousand dollars, weren’t covered by Medicare or by many insurance carriers.

Fortunately in recent years insurance coverage has improved. The Washington Post reports that ”In a national survey of people who bought hearing aids in 2008, nearly 40 percent said their health insurance paid some portion of the cost, up a few points from four years earlier. Also a new program by UnitedHealthcare aims to make affordable hearing aids available to more than just its own plan members but also the general public, who may get an even better price. Seniors in a UnitedHealthcare Part D prescription drug plan, for example, can buy one of the program’s hearing aids for $479.”

Thank you UnitedHealthcare for helping make the future sound a lot better.

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