11 Jun 2012

4 Controversial Ways to Improve Health Insurance

11 Jun 2012

With the fate of the President Obama’s Affordable Care Act in the hands of the Supreme Court, Rick Lindquist writing for the Zane Benefits blog offers four out-of-the-box ideas on insurance reform:

  1. Allow Health Insurance to Be Sold Across State Lines: “Allowing consumers to purchase health insurance from carriers in any state might not only increase competition and drive down prices; the increase in competition might also allow millions more individuals with preexisting conditions to get private health insurance without having to rely on more expensive state-guaranteed coverage.”
  2. Make All Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible: “Making all health insurance premiums tax deductible for all consumers may be long overdue—this simple change in our tax code could correct an inequity and eventually return responsibility for health insurance to individuals and government instead of employers.”
  3. Make All Healthcare Providers Disclose Prices: “Armed with medical care retail price information, consumers could seek out the best networks and might be able to negotiate with medical providers.”
  4. End Federal Lifetime Health Benefits for Congressmen, Senators, and Government Officials: “When it comes to health insurance, we have created an elite class. This elite class consists of our elected federal and state officials who have voted themselves and their associates unlimited lifetime health benefits paid for by taxpayers. In doing so, they have removed themselves from being participants in solving the current health insurance crisis that affects the rest of American citizens. They do not directly feel the pain of America’s health insurance problems.”

What do you think?  Would any of these help?  Or post your own ideas in the comments section.

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