28 Jun 2012

Supreme Court Upholds “Obamacare”

28 Jun 2012

I am probably the only insurance broker who (generally) favors “Obamacare.” This is a win for anyone with health issues, and I believe also for many small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, who will have more options without the threat of fines.  It is a win for people in that pre-Medicare period aged 50-64.  And I think this will eventually re-open the discussion on the CLASS Act (how the nation will care for the older generation).  But there will be unintended (or unexpected) consequences. Who loses? One group is clear to me: Healthy people aged 26-49.  The cost of your health insurance is going way up, and high-deductible (especially HSA-compatible) plans may no longer be a viable option.

Here is the full opinion for all you legal scholars out there.

We think Alan Katz (currently of SeeChange Health) is a smart, non-partisan thinker on health care and health insurance issues.  Alan’s initial response, Much Ado About Nothing? can be found here.

We look forward to digging deeper into the full opinion over the next few weeks, and talking with our individual, family and small business clients about how this affects them in the months to come.  We believe people will need a trusted broker more than ever, and look forward to continuing our mission to support small businesses.

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