04 Aug 2012

How to Manage Your Healthcare Bills

04 Aug 2012

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This month: Avoiding Medical Billing Surprises

Purchasing health care, like many other things, comes down to cost and quality. But with healthcare, patients don’t have easy and precise tools to help them shop like they do for, say, a flat screen TV. On one end of the spectrum, we have monthly premiums. I’m sure most of us know where to find this information, since premium prices are often a deciding factor when shopping for plans. But what about the cost of actual medical procedures? How do we avoid feeling like the insurance company just stuck it to us when we receive our medical bills?

The Washington Post  offers six great tips from Consumer Reports which will help us make more informed decisions and avoid surprises when it comes time to paying our medical bills:

  • Understand your health insurance policy
  • Stay in-network whenever possible
  • Compare network prices
  • Don’t pay until the bills are in
  • Fight back against stealth out-of-network bills
  • For elective out-of-network care, find out about your plan’s reimbursement policy

Efforts are continually being made to make healthcare more transparent, and coverage affordability seems destined to remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. But whatever your situation is in the meantime, ways to manage your healthcare bills are always beneficial. Check out the Washington Post article and start putting some of these strategies in play today.

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