01 Aug 2013

Covered California Announces SHOP Plans and Rates – without Anthem Blue Cross

01 Aug 2013

Covered California, the new health insurance marketplace, or “exchange” announced today that six carriers would participate in the 2014 SHOP for small businesses of 2 to 50 employees:

  • Blue Shield of CA
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Health Net
  • Chinese Community Health Plan
  • Western Health Advantage
  • Sharp Health Plan

The last three are regional carriers.  As expected, Anthem Blue Cross is absent from this list, having withdrawn from the small business exchange last week, as reported by the L.A.Times and The Hill.

Rates are pending approval by state regulatory agencies, and Covered California’s release only gives examples for a single, 40-year old employee.  You can download the booklet and accompanying press release here.

Yet unanswered is the question of whether these plan options will offer limited provider networks, as we have seen with the individual marketplace.

Small employers will be able to choose to purchase health coverage for employees inside the Covered CA marketplace, or they may go directly to carriers as they do today.  Depending on the business demographics and needs, either may be a viable financial strategy to provide competitive benefits to employees.  We look forward to helping small business owners determine the right choice for their business.

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