25 Oct 2013

What’s Happening With… Kaiser?

25 Oct 2013

This is one of a series of posts designed to update clients and prospective clients with what is happening on the individual and family health insurance markets.

Kaiser offers individual and family coverage directly, and through Covered CA for those who qualify for a federal tax credit or subsidy.

Can I keep my current plan?  Generally, no. Only if you enrolled in your current plan prior to March, 2010 and did not make changes since then; in that case your plan is likely considered grandfathered, and you will have the option to keep that plan. Note that if your 2014 household income is below the threshold for a tax credit, it still may be worth looking at new option through Covered California.

Are my rates going up?  Almost certainly, and significantly. My personal Kaiser, HSA-compatible plan is going up seventy-one percent(!) on January 1.

Do I need to do anything to change to a new, compliant plan?  If your plan is not grandfathered, the carrier will move you to a new ACA-compliant plan that they think maps most closely to your current plan. You are not required to accept this plan. You may consider alternate options from the same carrier, or consider changing to a carrier that better meets your needs.

Is the network of providers changing?   No. Kaiser members will continue to have access to all Northern or Southern CA facilities, depending on their residential region.

Can I view all of the new 2014 plan options and rates?  Yes, please visit this page which will let you access direct 2014 quotes from all of the major carriers, as well as submit a quick-apply application when you are ready. For those who think they may qualify for tax credits, please contact us to discuss options through Covered California.

Are these the same plans that are available through Covered CA?  Kaiser offers all of the same plans that are available through Covered California, plus additional options that are only available directly from Kaiser.

Are there HSA-compatible options?  Yes, Kaiser offers HSA-compatible plans at the Bronze and Silver levels.

I know I won’t qualify for a tax credit or subsidy. How do I apply?  Please use the Quick-Apply links and select the carrier logo. Remember, there are no more health questions on individual applications. We expect many people to be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy applying for coverage will be for 2014 and beyond. Please contact us if you need assistance with your online application, or would prefer a paper application.




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