22 Nov 2013

Cigna’s 2014 rates are out, and they make 2013 plans look even better

22 Nov 2013

Cigna released rates for their 2014 individual and family plan portfolio this week, and we came away disappointed. In reviewing the plan design in comparison to other carriers, we feel that Cigna’s HSA-compatible PPO 6100 is priced about 25% higher than where it should be in the 2014 market.  Many of our clients have been waiting to see whether Cigna’s Bronze-level plans would undercut some of the other carriers, but this is not the case.

The good:

  • Cigna offers ten different plan designs of varying deductibles, including two HSA-compatible options, with three plans each at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.
  • Cigna’s Silver, Gold and Platinum plans offer rates that are comparable and competitive with other carriers

The bad:

  • Cigna’s Bronze plans appear to be a poor value, priced closer to other carriers’ Silver plans.
  • Cigna’s 2014 plans, like other carriers (except for Health Net) will offer a smaller network of providers
  • Though the plan names, high-level design and rates are available, Cigna – like Anthem – has not yet released plan summaries for their 2014 options
  • New 2014 plans will only be offered in nine California counties

You can view Cigna’s 2014 plans/rates by using our Instant Quote tool, and selecting a 1/1/2014 effective date or later.

This news reinforces our recommended strategy for individuals who will not qualify for tax credits/subsidies, and who are generally healthy: Apply now for a Cigna 2013 effective date (12/1 or 12/15 still available). Why?

  • Lock in Cigna’s full Open Access PPO network for all of 2014. This is the same network used by Fortune 500 companies, and includes both Sutter and University of California providers and hospitals. Most 2014 plans will see narrower provider networks.
  • Cigna’s December 2013 rates look better than the entire individual market for 2014
  • Cigna will renew all 2013 members for a year on December 31st, 2013. Recent Cigna applicants will see a 5% rate bump at that time for 2014 and will lock in those rates.

You can search Cigna’s 2013 (Open Access Plus) and 2014 (Local Plus) provider networks, here.

Please contact us to discuss whether moving to a Cigna plan for 2013 is right for you.


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