09 Dec 2013

Health Insurance Options and Strategies – Final 2013 Update

09 Dec 2013

Good morning!

What to do about 2014 health insurance continues to be on many minds as we head towards the end of 2013. This will be our final mass update of the year, and we will spend the rest of our time working directly with clients.  We appreciate the positive feedback that many of you have given us for our updates over the past couple of months. For anyone who feels motivated, a Yelp review is always helpful and appreciated, even if you didn’t have a perfect experience with Allpointe.

The updates:

The Cigna 2013 strategy

We have received an overwhelming response to our recommendation for those who are healthy, and will not qualify for Covered CA tax credits next year: apply for a Cigna plan with an effective date of no later than 12/15. About two dozen clients have applied, half of those have been approved and the rest we expect to complete the underwriting process this week. Please read more about this strategy here. If you fit into this category, there is still time to apply for a 12/15 effective date, but please do so today.

Covered California

Everything is not perfect over at Covered CA, but we are seeing clients successfully set up accounts, and a number of people have been approved as eligible for 2014 tax credits.

Covered California is swamped, but you can call us

We encourage you to consider using their web site in the early morning, or late evening when traffic is lighter.  Also promising is that their call center staff has been receiving high marks for their helpfulness – when you can get through to them at 800-300-1506.

Remember that you have not completed the process until you have been approved, selected a plan, and received an invoice from your new (even if it is your old) carrier. Also note that once enrolled, you will need to contact your old carrier (again, even if you aren’t changing carriers) to notify them to cancel your old plan. Please do not cancel your old plan until you have confirmed and paid for your new one.

Also, please see this really, really, really helpful resource to answer all of your questions about the marketplaces, tax credits, and more.

If you are navigating Covered California, but have yet to assign Allpointe as your agent, please follow these instructions so that we may help you with the process.

Searching Carrier Networks

Many of you will make your final decisions based on which networks will include your preferred providers. You may have already read the post about 2014 narrow networks. I also put together a single page with links and notes on how to search the four primary PPO carrier networks.

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