30 Oct 2014

What do I need to do to renew my Covered CA plan?

30 Oct 2014

11/03/2014 – “000” error UPDATE

Covered California and several clients have reported that the “000” error that was appearing at the end of the renewal process, has been resolved. For those of you that are ready, it looks like it is safe to go in and renew ahead of the open enrollment rush coming in less than two weeks.


Covered California has put together a concise video to walk you through the renewal process. Be sure to renew by November 24th, so that any updated income information will give you an accurate projected tax credit and net monthly premium. However, one thing this video does not mention is that users are currently reporting a system error (getting a “000” error) at the end of the process. We recommend waiting until the week of November 10th to submit your renewal request and changes.

Please watch the video below, which also addresses the procedure for renewing your Medi-Cal eligibility for 2015 with your resident county. The renewal FAQ’s are also helpful. Note in particular: in order to keep your premium assistance (tax credits), you must ensure that you have granted Covered CA the authorization to check your income. Follow these instructions if you are not sure whether you granted that authorization.

If you are certain that you will not qualify for a tax credit in 2015, we strongly recommend that you contact us about purchasing coverage directly from one of the carriers outside of Covered CA. Every Covered CA plan is also available directly from those carriers – at the same price. But you will also be able to choose from additional plans and carriers that may be a better fit for you and your family.

Please also contact us if you are not sure whether to change carriers and/or plans within Covered CA and we can advise you on which plans may be your best option for 2015.


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  1. Bradley November 19th, 2014 5:17PM

    Thanks, Janet! Looks like the links broke when they relaunched the site last week. Fixed.

  2. Janet Carpinelli November 19th, 2014 5:09PM


    These links on What do I need to do to renew my Covered CA plan?
    are not working:
    The renewal FAQ’s are
    Follow these instructions if

    Thanks, Janet