14 Dec 2014

What are the income thresholds for Covered California?

14 Dec 2014

This question comes up a lot, and it should. What you report in your Covered California application as your household’s Modified Adjusted Gross Income has a huge impact on the amount of tax credits you receive.  It also determines whether you or any children under the age of 19 qualify for Medi-Cal rather than a plan from a private insurer.

The household income also dictates whether you may qualify for an Enhanced Silver plan. This is a different type of subsidy – improving (enhancing) the Silver plan benefits: lower deductibles, lower out of pocket maximum amounts, lower copays for services. The Silver 87 and Silver 94 Enhanced plans are some of the best options available to consumers; if qualified, do not think twice about accepting those plans. The Silver 73 is a small improvement over a standard Silver plan – for those who qualify, it is still reasonable to consider an alternative (such as a $1 Bronze plan, which may be available to those who qualify for Enhanced Silver 73).

Covered California provides a chart showing the different income levels and thresholds for Medi-Cal, Enhanced Silver, and tax credits overall.  it is kind of hidden on the Covered CA site, but you can view it here.

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