06 Feb 2015

Hacked – What current and former Anthem subscribers should know today

06 Feb 2015

These three articles directly address most of the questions we have received since yesterday’s news that an Anthem database was breached, possibly disclosing personal information of tens of millions of current and former subscribers.

Anthem members can expect letters in two weeks (USA Today)

Anthem members who had allowed the company to communicate with them electronically received emails on Thursday containing preliminary information about what had occurred

What to do right now if you are one of the 80 million who got hacked (Bloomberg News)

• Watch for bogus billing
• Google yourself
• Start reading the mail you trash

Why hackers are targeting the medical sector (Washington Post)

The information can be used to impersonate hacking victims to obtain medical care or to purchase expensive medical equipment such as motorized wheelchairs. It often takes health-care providers longer to detect this type of fraud than credit card companies or banks, which are constantly looking for inconsistencies that could signal a problem.

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