09 Oct 2015

Covered California 2016 Standard Benefit Plan Designs

09 Oct 2015

If only the same department that put together this super-handy comparison chart also was allowed to handle the written communications that go out to Covered CA members…

The benefits comparison chart is an extremely useful tool to quickly view the main differences among the various metallic-level plans.

Key changes worth noting for the 2016 standard plan designs:

  • Bronze 60 – now include specialists in the first 3 office visits ($90 copay, deductible waived)
  • Bronze 60 – cost of expensive medications capped at $500/month after $500 drug deductible
  • Silver 70 – MRI/CT scans available for $250 (no longer have to meet deductible first)
  • All plans – small changes to copays, deductibles, and out of pocket maximums (mostly increases, some decreases)
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