08 Nov 2015

LiveHealth Online – will everyone start using tele-health in 2016?

08 Nov 2015

No, probably not everyone. But we love the idea, and expect many clients to test-drive this option in the next 12 months. Anthem Blue Cross has launched LiveHealth Online – an opportunity to access a doctor via secure app on your phone, tablet or computer. 24/7. For $49 or less. And you don’t have to be an Anthem subscriber to use it.

The immediate access off-hours is a terrific feature – especially if you need a prescription. Think: away on a ski trip, and knocked out with a terrible cold at 9pm on a Saturday night. Emergency room? Ugh.

Or: you want someone to take a look at the unusual swelling in your eyelid…but you sure don’t want to pack two kids in the car and fight traffic to get to your regular doc, just to tell you it’s pinkeye.

We think our clients with HSA-compatible health plans will love this. Pay $100 to see your doctor in-person, or $49 for a live, video consult from bed via laptop?

Forbes reports tele-health visits are expected to double by 2020 – to 27 million. Our gut says that estimate is low. Healthcare IT News says the telemedicine market will soar past $30B by 2020.

This isn’t for every medical need, but we like the idea of improved efficiency, access and cost. If you try it, let us know how it worked out for you.

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