Individual Health
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Individual Health

Protect you and your family from the unexpected

  • Who Needs It:

    Entrepreneurs, independent contractors, employees without employer benefits

  • Our Role:

    Find the right plan for your unique needs, at the best price

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Are you are self-employed, contracting, in between gigs, or preparing to launch your next startup? Whatever your situation, you and your family may not have access to health insurance through an employer.

California residents can purchase health insurance from half a dozen statewide insurance carriers, plus numerous regional carriers, offering over 100 plans to choose from. PPO, EPO, HMO, HSA, short-term, ACA-compliant…how do you make sense of this mess of acronyms, and figure out what plan is actually going to provide the coverage you need?

That’s where we come in. There is no cost for our services – health plan premiums are the same whether you use a broker or go directly to the carrier. Our job is to get you the most affordable coverage that provides you with the protection you need. We are a licensed Covered California agency for our clients who qualify.


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