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Two decades of real-world employee benefits and insurance experience.

  • Who Needs It:

    Every employer who offers benefits

  • Our Role:

    Design custom benefit options that fit your unique business

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Allpointe is not a technology company. We embrace technology and contract with trusted partners and experts to provide industry-leading solutions to our clients. We think that’s valuable.

But we have two decades of real-world employee benefits and insurance experience. That is our true expertise and it is where we provide the most value. Sure, you could pick your benefits package “in just minutes” with a few clicks of the mouse. But we think you (and your employees) will be much happier in the long term when we take the time to review:

  • Philosophy. What’s your attitude towards employee benefits? Are you driven by a budget? Belief system? Mandates by local or federal government?
  • Benchmarking. What are your industry and geographical competitors doing?
  • Tax Efficiency. We will bring you strategies that maximize tax efficiency for the business and employees.
  • Provider Networks. Not all plans that look equal actually are. “Narrow network” medical plans can save you money up front – but will you regret it later?
  • Choice. How to keep employer costs stable and predictable while still providing employees with options?
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