Term Life Insurance
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Term Life Insurance

Protect your family, your business, or both.

  • Who Needs It:

    You do, if your family or your business rely on you

  • Our Role:

    Matching your unique health profile with a quality carrier at the best price

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Does your business have one or more key employees that would be difficult to replace if the unexpected happens? Key person 10-year term life policies can be a low-cost way to ensure that your business can survive the loss of an owner or key employee.

Does your family rely on your current and future income? Term life policies of 20 to 30-year duration help protect families, especially those with young children and a mortgage.

Term life policies are simple, “pure protection” insurance that cover you during your prime earning years. You are not paying any extra fees for an insurance company to invest funds for you. Contact Allpointe today to find out whether a policy is right for your business or family.